A one-stop resource for information on all giraffe-related postage stamps ever issued. The definitive online resource for giraffe-related postage stamps...

This site aims to catalogue and describe all postage stamps ever issued featuring giraffes.

The site is divided into pages which cover specific year periods - 1900 to 1949, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s and 2010 onwards.

Each of the pages features, in chronological order, all issues of giraffe-related stamps in those years.

In addition there is a separate page which contains files setting out complete lists which contain all the relevant details (issue dates, catalogue numbers and values, face values, colours and designs) of all the stamps covered on the site.

In order to feature on these pages the stamps must prominently feature a giraffe, or a representation of a giraffe, either in part or whole, and either on the stamp itself or, if a minisheet, prominently within the minisheet. If the giraffe is merely ancillary, or so small as to hardly be noticeable, then it canot be said to be a prominent part of the stamp or minisheet and thus does not merit inclusion - any such stamps get a brief mention at the end of the relevant page as "also rans". Although it is, by necessity, somewhat subjective, more weight is given to stamps where one would expect to see a giraffe - thus a small giraffe on a minisheet on the subject of African animals is more likely to be included than the same sized giraffe on a minisheet related to, say, letter writing.

Where stamps are issued and then a new issue is produced by overprinting the existing issue, then where that overprinting is rare or unusual in nature (as with the Provisorio overprints in Nyassa) then the overprinting is also included. Where the overprinting is widespread or common in nature, such as the "Official" overprints of the 1954 Kenya / Uganda / Tanganyika definitives (amongst others) then only the original series is included.

If you have any questions, or spot anything missing from this site, or have any information that you think would be useful (such as useful links), then feel free to contact me at info@giraffestamps.co.uk.